Hi there.

We’re having a massive all-day three-floor event on Saturday which is going to bump up against SoundClub a little bit, but snatching opportunity from chaos we propose the following agenda (subject to consensus-based last-minute amendments):

10.30 – All arrive promptly and ready to go. Come at 10.00 if you need coffee to get yourself started and to help the club munchkin carry loads of techy twaddle up the stairs.

10.31 – A real-life gig set-up scenario, mic stands and mics at the front of the stage, a bit of the old one-two-free-four ch-ch-ch-check malarkey to remind ourselves how the monitors work.

Speaker_repair_shop10.45 – Remember that broken bass cab from last month? We got the speaker back from the menders so we’ll need some screwdriver and soldering action. Job for two people, merit points for a clean execution.

11.00 – ooh look, the later-comers have wandered in. Let’s plan what we want to do with the rest of the day…

11.05  – Yes, we’ve remembered that one of the monitor amps keeps thermalling under heavy use (and it always gets heavy use). Time for a practical exercise in dust removal to see if it’s just an obvious cooling fail issue or something more fatal.

11.06 – Not everyone needs to do that, so some folk can fork off into a second front and set up the quiz-master’s radio mic in the members’ bar, and some other people can do something similar in the library (where some acoustic stuff will happen).

11.30 – Oh crikey, another late-comer has arrived. Back to the flip-chart and let’s re-make our timetable.

11.45 – A soldering task for anyone who fancies making some crafty XLR-split leads to allow us to send two monitor mixes down one balanced cable. A lesson in doing things you’re not really supposed to and seeing if the results are acceptable or not.

12.00 – Mix up the corn starch we’re going to do some low-frequency living sculpture. Camera-phones at the ready

ferrofluid_40012.30 – Fun with ferrofluid. Involving magnets, speakers, and possibly some specially contrived sequential signals if we can get our brains around it all in time.

13.00 – Digital mixing desk basics – a look at getting the inputs and outputs figured out on a digital desk, such as we dream of having at the 1in12 in a few years’ time.

14.00 – Lunch, assuming the cafe volunteers haven’t, er, lunched it out.

14.30 – Loose ends, plans for next time, prepare for influx of talent for huge all-day event.

16.00 – what, you’re still here? Make sure all the band gear is miked-up and stand at the mixer listening the the splendour of it all, and tentatively push some faders up and down. More merit points for a clean execution.

Sound Club is a free skillshare for anyone who’s interested.

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