Meeting Notes 18-05-2013

Monitor fluff




Greetings people. We had a slightly clandestine and under-publicised meeting in May due to overwork, a bike accident, and a non-fortuitous alignments of the spheres. (One of those excuses may be slightly fibby.)

The exciting news is that we skill-shared the dis-assembly of the three (three!) broken HDH3 wedge monitors, and took out the blown drivers. You can also see an evident lack of maintenance this century, in the picture above.

(In an unprecedented evening session just ahead of Threadfest we bolted the repaired drivers back in and restored the stage-front wedge situation back to its full strength) .

We also had a look at digital mixing desks through the example of a Presonus 24.4.2, looking at the gates, compressor, eq, monitor mixing, and the remote capabilities arising when the desk is connected to a laptop and linked wirelessly to an iPad.

In June (15th) we have our last session before our summer break/hiatus/termination, when we’ll probably review what we’ve done so far in the way of sharing skills, fixing stuff, and drinking coffee, and try and wrap things up a bit. Cheers!


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